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Glow from within

Since childhood, I have grown up to believe that beauty means having fair skin & it was deeply ingrained in my mind that one should have spotless and white skin. People around me started judging me for having hormonal acne or occasional breakouts. I've grown up in an environment that left no stone unturned to compare me with my pals or cousins, which in turn tarnished my self-esteem while maturing. I will express my gratitude for the opportunities that have given me exposure to unlearn what has been embedded in my mind and start anew.

Following is what I have been learning while growing & excelling :

Choose people wisely- Generally, you all must have heard it & I would like to restate that encompass yourself with people who bring out the best in you and participate in your achievements.

So, it's been rightly said,

"You become what you surround yourself with".

Power of Affirmations: It truly works & it doesn't work for a few people as they don't firmly believe in their capabilities. It would all go in vain if an individual doesn't perceive himself competent.

"Be persistent in your efforts as habit formation requires time and consistency".

Say bye to stress: People are willing to splurge money on products that stop working after a while. However, they miss out on a significant element that aids naturally to gleam from inside.

Any guesses? Yes, you're right. That's happiness.

"Be happy and pay no heed to stress".

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